Getting ready to List your home?

Getting ready to list your home?

Selling your home can be quite stressful, especially in a market like today. Once you have made the decision to sell there are several things on the “must do” list.

The greatest obstacle to a quick sale (or even to sell), is your competition. Never assume that you have the best house in your price range; make sure it is.

 Prior to listing, the following guide will help you achieve the best possible results.


  • Attend to all the necessary exterior maintenance issues such as leaking eavestroughs and down spouts, touch-up paint work, clear and rid yourself of any garbage lying around, tend the gardens, mow the lawn. In other words make it appealing that the potential buyer’s interest is piqued enough to want to go into your home.
  • De-clutter you home (have a garage sale if necessary), remove all personal items, fill holes and paint walls, check to see if the grouting and seals are in good shape around baths, sinks and showers, clean carpets and complete the unfinished projects.
  • Then start staging your home. Remember, you are now in a “business” mode and will not, in a lot of cases, be able to live your daily lives in your normal manner.
  • Staging is all about maximizing every room’s potential. Large or too much furniture can make a room look small, if so place it in a storage facility.
  • Arrange each room for what it is intended (people looking for a 3 bedroom property want to see 3 bedrooms).
  • Nothing makes a room look bigger than removing artwork from the walls. You do not have to take everything down, but large pictures will detract from the “big picture”.
  • Once listed, always make the beds first thing, do not leave dishes in the sink and don’t leave dirty laundry lying around. Ensure that the house always looks good for the unexpected viewing.


The Golden Rule here, is to make sure that your listing is the best it can be, so that buyers will make an offer. Going one step beyond will give you a quicker sale and a higher return monetary wise for your hard work.

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