Privacy When Selling Your Home

Privacy when Selling your home

Things to think about when selling your home:-

When you have decided to list your house for sale, there are important matters that have to be addressed. In today’s world, we can no longer trust that the “potential buyer” is genuine. To ensure that your home and personal information remain private, there are several steps you should do prior to listing, to protect yourself.

The following is a partial but significant list to de-personalize and privatize your home.

• Remove all personal items such as photos, diplomas etc.

• Remove and lock away all valuables such as jewelery, artwork etc.

• Ensure that your computer(s) is off and password protected

• Remove all those nasty utility bills and other items that have personal information on, from view

There are other issues that I would be glad to discuss with you, so that you can maximize your security. Unscrupulous people will and can take advantage, so be prepared and talk it over with a Realtor.

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